Wholesale Interior Plants and Accessories - Superior Quality - Shipped Nationwide

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At Green House Nurseries, we are about quality and service.

We use a network of small-to medium-sized growers who grow to our specifications.

GHN plants come from the premium growers in Hawaii, Florida and California. Premium growers produce higher quality plants that last longer on the job, thus lowering long-term labor and material costs associated with replacement.

For example, dracaenas from premium Hawaiian growers last longer because:

• Plants are not “force fed” in the field – too rapid growth

causes a “soft plant”.

• More costly soil media is used with smaller lava rock and

more peat. The plants hold their deep rich color longer

and this soil helps sub-irrigation devices work properly.

• Plants are held on the benches longer – the plants are

well rooted with fewer loose canes.

Some growers may produce lower cost plants but the quality typically is lower, resulting in shorter life on the job and greater long-term replacement costs.

GHN Plants are well acclimated for interior conditions before they are available to our customers. We carry large specimens as well as those most commonly used by interiorscapers.


• Hawaii, Florida and California foliage

• Gainey ceramics, Asian pottery, Potluck/Vista containers

• Sub-irrigation systems – Tournesol Siteworks/Planter

Technology CWI and Jardinier

• Successoil - Low compaction rate and great for sub-irrigation

• Accessories – Everything you need to complete that

professional installation

Wholesale Interior Plants and Accessories
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