Growers – Advice on How to Water Indoor Plants

Growers know that most plants die due to improper watering. You could have bought the healthiest plant from a supplier, given it the best care possible but in the end it dies. This does not necessarily mean that the plant got infected by pests or diseases but mostly because of poor watering patterns. Before you even consider buying a plant for your home or office, it is imperative that you start by understanding the watering needs of the plant.

Do you understand the watering needs?
The first thing you need to do before you even pick a plant from wholesale nurseries is to understand the watering requirements of that plant. Some plants need more water than others. You should make sure that you understand how much water the plant needs before you buy it. Will you be available to water it at the recommended schedules? Do you know how to check if the plant has enough water? These are all questions you need to ask the plantscaper suppliers. Never bring home a plant if you don’t understand its maintenance needs.

How much water should you give your plant?
The main cause of death in houseplants is over and under watering. Just because the plant needs water to grow does not mean you give it too much. Watering is more like taking medicine. You need to give your plant only the recommended dose. In the case of overwatering, the roots of the indoor plants get surrounded by water. They are hence unable to absorb oxygen. With time, the roots start to rot and the plant dies.

There is no easy answer to how much water you should give your plant. The amount varies from one plant to another and will also be influenced by the climate and prevailing weather. The age, size and type of plant as well as its pot will also influence the amount of water you should give your plant.

More often than not, the plants with large or thin leaves normally need more water than the succulent plants. Succulent plants can store water in their fleshy stems and leaves. You don’t need to water them often. However, you must talk to growers on matters watering before you pick out an indoor plant.

Which type of water is best?
The type of water you use will also have an impact on the health of your dracaena. For example, if the water is too salty, it will dehydrate the plant and it will end up dying. You should use rain water whenever possible. Tap water contains chemicals which might gradually cause the death of your draceana. You must also never pour beverages into the pot. Doing so will not only harm the plant but also attract pests.

How to water
If the soil is dry, you should water the plant thoroughly. You have to water until water runs out of the drainage holes at the bottom. The water temperature should be between 62 and 72 F. Any other temperature will shock the plant. You should also note that wilting doesn’t necessarily mean that your plant needs water. Check the soil first.