Growers – Which Potted Plants Make Great Gifts

Growers make an effort of supplying plants that meet the needs of individual shopper. You are the person who needs to match the ideal plant to your own needs. However, when you are buying a plant to give as a gift, you have to keep your recipient in mind. You don’t want to give him a gift he will not appreciate. So, which are some of the best potted plants you can give as gifts.

Whether you are searching for the perfect Christmas gift or a housewarming present, you will find the perfect plant from plantscaper suppliers. However, when it comes to gifting, not all plants make the perfect choice. This is unless you are buying for someone who loves collecting potted plants. Before you start shopping, below are the three main points you have to consider about your target plant.

Easy to care for
A gift is supposed to make the recipient feel good. This will only happen if it is easy to care for. Draceana, for example is one of the most sought after potted plant when it comes to gifting. There are other great plants you can buy too. The rule of thumb is to ensure that they are easy to care for. Avoid plants that need more watering, ones that are prone to pest and diseases and those that need to be repotted every few months. Keep the lifestyle of your recipient in mind.

Visually attractive
Another very important thing you have to consider is how the houseplant looks. Dracaena is an attractive plant. It fits in virtually any setting. However, before you make the decision of buying the most attractive plant, you have to keep the care needs in mind. You don’t want to give your loved one a flowering houseplant that will lure pests in, do you? A plant does not necessarily have to bloom to look good.

Fit the home of the recipient
The third consideration you have to look at is the home of the recipient. This is in relation to the amount of light the room gets and the humidity levels. Plants need sunlight. However, some need more light than others. When shopping around, always keep the home needs of the recipient in mind. Do not force them to spend more money in growing lights.

These are the three main points you have to look at when shopping for houseplants from interiorscaper suppliers. The good thing is that the salespersons in the wholesale nurseries will be willing to advise you on the best plants to bring home. Don’t make your decisions alone. Involve the experts. Make sure you understand what is needed for a plant to be great.