Interiorscaper Suppliers – Ways to Keep Your Houseplants Healthy

Interiorscaper suppliers spend their time taking care of the plants in their nurseries. The watch out for pests, diseases and make sure that the plants have sufficient water and nutrients. This is their full time job. With that in mind, you should note that not every healthy plant you purchase from the growers will end up surviving in your home or office. This is for the simple fact that you don’t have as much time and knowledge as the suppliers. You have to be very careful when picking out houseplants from the nurseries. Below are some of the important things you need to do.

Know your plants
The best thing you can do when shopping for houseplants from wholesale nurseries is to make sure that you know the plant clearly. You have to start by understanding that all plants need sunlight, food and water. Different plants require different amounts of each. You, therefore, need to make sure that you understand the unique needs of your target plant. Will you be able to water it as frequently as required? Does your room have sufficient light to support the plant? The key is to pick plants that will thrive in the conditions in your room. Inform the growers of the conditions in your room and let them help you pick the plant that will thrive in the condition.

Consistent watering is mandatory
It is very easy to stress a houseplant especially with your watering patterns. Alternating periods of flood and drought will definitely stress the plant’s root system and it might end up dying prematurely. Most plants like to have their roots consistently moist not moist. Others prefer to dry out before watering. Consulting with the interiorscaper suppliers will help you better understand the watering needs of your selected houseplant.

Watch out for pests
Pests are the number one cause of poor growth in plants. Most pests will suck the stems and leaves of the plant thereby causing it not to have the sufficient nutrients it needs. With time, this will weaken the plant and cause it to be more prone to diseases. Before you pick out a plant from the plantscaper suppliers, you need to start by inspecting it keenly to make sure it does not have any pests or diseases. Second, once the plant gets to your home or office, you have to inspect it regularly for pests and diseases. Always treat any problem as soon as you spot it.

Group plants together
Last but not least, you need to note that draceana and other houseplants need moisture to thrive. One way of doing this is to group several plants together. This will improve the humidity around the plants.

These are the main things you should consider doing if you are really interested in having a healthy houseplant in your home. Do not hesitate to always seek advice from the growers if you have any problem.

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