Office Foliage – How to Keep the Leaves of Office Foliage from Turning Brown

Office foliage is a great investment. This is particularly so when you get to think of the many benefits that plants offer to humans. With the right plant in the office, you will be able to reduce most of the allergies your staffs experience, boost concentration and subsequently record high productivity. This is for the simple fact that plants regulate the carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the atmosphere, help with humidity control and also eliminate toxins from the air. Plants will also promote a sense of wellbeing. However, before you contact an interior foliage provider, it is important that you understand of the different problems that houseplants face. In this post, we will be focusing on the issue of leaves turning brown.

Why do the tips of the leaves turn brown?
It is obvious that your objective when buying a plant from wholesale nurseries was to get one that will not only provide you with health benefits but one that will add character to your room. After some time, you might realize that the leaves of your plants are turning brown. This is a problem most people face. The root cause of this issue is poor watering habits.

When purchasing a plant from plantscaper suppliers, it is important that you take time to understand the watering requirements of the specific plant you are considering. Some plants will require more watering than others. Knowing how much water your plant needs is the first step to preventing the problem of leaves turning brown. The best way to water plants is by flushing it until the water runs freely out of the drainage holes. Shallow watering is the main cause of brown tips on leaves.

Brown tips may also be caused by the lack of humidity. If the air is too dry, you might notice that your plants’ leaves are turning brown. This is common for plants that are native to the jungle conditions. Although plants help with humidity control, if the air is too dry, they might suffer. If you notice that the leaves of your dracaena are turning brown, you should consider grouping plants together or using humidifiers.

Another major cause of browning tips is the buildup of salts. This often results from the use of too much fertilizer. Softened water can also cause the problem. To prevent this issue, the key is to avoid using too much fertilizer on your office foliage. You should also consider using distilled water. If the problem is too much, consider repoting your houseplant.

A lot goes into caring for houseplants. It is very important that you liaise with your interior foliage provider to make sure that you fully understand the care needs of your target plant. It makes no sense in purchasing a plant that you cannot afford to keep up with. This is especially so when it comes to watering. Buy a plant that will fit in your busy schedule. Taking time to compare the care needs of different plants will help pick the best one for your office.

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