Office Foliage – What to Consider When Choosing Office Foliage

Office foliage can add character to your room. It will help with beautification, reduce toxins from the air, regulate levels of carbon dioxide as well as help with humidity control. However, you should note that not every plant will suit your needs. There are so many plants you have to choose from when in wholesale nurseries. To be able to find the plant that is right for you, you have to make the following considerations when deciding on the plant to bring home.

Watering needs
One of the most important things you have to do is to consider the watering needs of the plant. More often than not, people purchase plants with large leaves just for their beauty. This might be a bad mistake. Plants that have larger leaves tend to require more water than those with smaller leaves. Before you purchase a plant or order one from an interior foliage provider, make sure that you understand its watering needs. How many times do you have to water the plant per day? Will your schedule allow you to water the plant properly? These are crucial questions you need to ask yourself.

Growth rate
Another important thing you need to consider is the growth rate. Some plants grow faster than others. The problem with the fast growing plants is that they might get too big for your office desk. What is more is that you may have to keep trimming them from time to time. Dracaena is a great houseplant because it is both beautiful and does not grow very fast. This means you don’t have to keep looking for a replacement or to keep trimming it to maintain the height you desire.

Repotting requirements
As a plant grows, you will have to consider moving it to a bigger pot. This is what is known as repotting. If the plant is too big for the pot it is nesting in, it will not get sufficient nutrients from the growing medium. Its roots might also end up being crumpled to the extent that they cause the plant to weaken or even dry. Some plants need to be repotted after every few months. In the case of dracaena, you will need to repot your plant to a bigger plant after 12 months.

Light needs
Plants need light for the process of photosynthesis. Make sure that you get a plant from plantscaper suppliers that can survive in the light available in your room. Some plants need full sun while others will survive in semi-sun or semi-shade to shade areas. Always start by evaluating the environment of your office. This will help you select office foliage that will not suffer under lowlight.

Moisture release levels
Last but not least, consider the release of moisture. The more moisture a plant releases, the more effective it will be in moisture control. However, you should note that plants that release more moisture need more watering. You may also need to mist such plants regularly to keep their leaves from dropping.

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