Plantscaper Suppliers – What Defines a Good Houseplant?

Plantscaper suppliers understand that the needs of their clients vary. This is why they offer a wide selection of houseplants for people to choose from. The problem with this huge selection is that it will confuse you. Once you take a look at several plants being offered by growers, making a decision will be harder. You are only left with picking the plant that you can easily care for. In this post, we will be looking at the key traits that make an office plant great.

Easy to care for
The most obvious quality is how easy it is for you to care for the plant. The care needs vary from one plant species to another. Not every dracaena species requires the same care. It is for this key reason that the first thing you should do when shopping for houseplants is to spend some time learning more about the care needs.

When it comes to care needs, you have to think beyond watering. Some plants need to be pruned; others have to be repotted to a larger pot every few months while some require more sunlight than others. The idea is to pick the plant that will fit perfectly in your lifestyle. If you travel a lot, you want a potted plant with the least care needs.

A houseplant should make your life better. If the care needs are too much, it will only end up making your life harder. Weigh your options keenly before you pick a draceana or any other plant species.

Aesthetically attractive
Second, you need to take a look at how well the plant fits in your room. In addition to considering the lighting needs, you have to consider the aesthetic appeal. Does it blend well with your finish? The whole purpose of investing in an office plant is to add life to a space. Humidity control and air purification is just a plus. Before you contact the interiorscaper suppliers, you need to take a look at your room and decide on the ideal plant.

Less prone to pests and diseases
Last but not least, you have to consider the vulnerability of the plant to pests and diseases. This point is related to that on care needs but it is worth looking at as an independent point. Some plants are more prone to pests and diseases. They are hence harder to care for. Prior to picking out a plant from the wholesale nurseries, you have to understand the health problems that the species is prone to.

These are the important points you have to consider when shopping for houseplants. Never hesitate to ask your plantscaper suppliers questions and for recommendations. They understand the plants better than you do.

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