Wholesale Nurseries – Common Houseplant Diseases and How to Treat Them

Wholesale nurseries do everything in their power to make sure that they supply their clients with healthy plants. However, once these plants leave the nurseries, they are under your care. You are responsible for caring for them and ensuring that they are not affected by pests or diseases. Diseases are a menace in houseplants. Failure to care for your plants properly can cause them to weaken and subsequently die. In this post, we will be looking at the main diseases that affect houseplants and how you can treat them.

This is a common problem that you will have to deal with at one point in time. The disease appears as white mold on the leaves and flowers. The parts of the plant may turn yellow and die. The best way of treating this condition is to improve air circulation around the plant. You should also avoid moistening the foliage of your office foliage when watering. If your plant is already infected, you can treat it using appropriate fungicide. Ask your interior foliage provider for advice on the pesticide you should use.

Botrytis (Gray mold)
This is a condition that appears like gray, fluffy mold on the leaves and flowers. When not treated in time, the parts of the plant may start to turn yellow and die. Again, the solution here is to improve air circulation around the plant. You must also not wet the leaves of your plant during watering. You also need to use fungicide that is recommended for use on indoor plants.

Leaf spot
With this disease, black, brown or yellow spots will appear on the leaf surfaces. This may spread to the entire leaf until it finally dies. There are many organisms that may cause this problem. The first thing you need to do is to increase air circulation around the plants. You must also avoid wetting the leaves when watering your plant. Your plantscaper suppliers will help you find the appropriate fungicide for treating the problem.

Stem or root rot
Have you notice black patches on the roots or at the base of the stem? If you have, then you are dealing with stem or root rot. When not treated, the plant will wilt and will not recover even after you water. You may also notice a smell of decaying vegetation. There are many disease organisms that cause this problem. However, the issue is mainly linked to overwatering. You can start the plant over from cuttings. Don’t forget to ask your providers from wholesale nurseries for advice on the watering needs of your selected plant.

These are the most common diseases you might have to deal with. If you notice any of these diseases on your plants, the first thing you should do is to isolate the affected plant from the others. This will keep the disease from spreading. Second, you have to learn how to keep your plants healthy by providing them with sufficient sunlight, food and water. A healthy dracaena will be more resistant to diseases.

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