Wholesale Nurseries – Why Add Houseplants in an Office

Wholesale nurseries have a wide variety of houseplants you can choose from. This makes it possible for you to bring home a plant that suits your needs and one that fits in your living space. However, before you purchase a plant, you need to look at more than just the physical looks. Focus on its care needs. Your plantscaper suppliers will answer all the questions you may have. Below are the main reasons why you should consider adding some houseplants in your office.

Lighten up the room
The most obvious reason is to lighten up the room. Houseplants help create a tropical look. They can help add life to the dullest of rooms. The dracaena is one of the most sought after potted plant when it comes to this. There are several species to choose from. Studies have also shown that having a few houseplants in a room will improve the way you feel.

Increase oxygen levels
Another reason why you should invest in a draceana or any other plant is because it will help with the regulation of carbon dioxide and oxygen levels. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. This means that having a few houseplants in the room will help reduce the levels of carbon dioxide and increase the levels of oxygen. The result of this is less dizziness and more productivity. All in all, you should note that most plants will take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide at night. If you need a plant that you can place in your bedroom, you should ask growers for advice. They will help pick the plant that takes in carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen throughout.

Improve humidity
Plants release more than 90% of the water they take in. This is how they are able to help with the regulation of humidity. Having a few potted office plants will help improve the humidity in the room. This will lead to fewer respiratory problems since most of the allergens will be eliminated and you will do away with dry air.

Eliminate toxins from the air
Another great thing about having potted plants in the office is that they will help remove toxins from the air. This is important especially if you suffer from respiratory problems. Plants are able to eliminate toxins from the air. This will help improve the overall air quality.

There is a lot more that potted plants from interiorscaper suppliers will do for you. They will even boost productivity of both workers and students. You just need to find that one plant that you can comfortably care for.

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